On 31 July we held a graduation for Victory School Refugee families who had completed 30 hours of ICT training. 11 families graduated alongside 10 Kiwi families.....

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Local MP Hon Dr Nick Smith was guest of honour and presented the certificates. In his speech Dr Smith praised the families for engaging in education and wished them well for the future. He acknowledged that Nelson had been a forerunner in Education from early settler days. Our fabulous Nelson team of tutor Tania O’Meagher, technician Tim Jackson and in-school coordinator Dianne Goodwin did an amazing job of guiding the families through from recruitment to graduation. Briar Kopa from Wellington Computers in Homes came down to help and get to know the Victory team as she deals with all the Snap internet signups.

Young people from the families performed for us with dance and song. When the guitar went out of tune it was rob Herewini from the Kiwi CIH who came to the rescue! Great to see the communities interacting in this way, which is what Victory is all about. Many thanks to all the families and we look forward to another group of Burmese families starting soon and graduating in October.

All the best everybody for Di and Briar.