Hamilton Refugee Graduation

In August 2014, 12 Colombian families graduated at the Waikato Migrant Centre after a combination of 1:1 training at home and together in class. HMST (Hamilton Multi-Cultural Services Trust) has been using this method of instruction so that families can begin involvement as soon as possible after they arrive in NZ. As families arrive in small intakes of 3-4 at a time, it is hard for them to wait months, or up to a year for a complete class to start. Eventually all graduate and celebrate together. Actually MP’s David Bennett and Tim Macindoe had attended but had to leave for another engagement, and as Di’s plane was delayed we missed each other and they do not star as they usually do in the photos. Thanks to the wonderful team at HMST: Ellie, Tania, Merzia and John, as well as interpreters, Fatlianto Xiao from MoE  and Red Cross Refugee Services.
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