Hamilton Refugee CIH Graduation March 2016

It was a very excited bunch of parents who graduated from their training at the Waikato Migrant Centre in Hamilton on 30 March. One family was unable to attend owing to other classes but we wish them all well nevertheless. The Colombian families were joyful and shared their enthusiasm with everyone present. Celebrations were joined by Hamilton City Council’s Philip Yeung and Jovi Abellanosa as well as Red Cross and HMST staff .

Many stayed on for an extra lesson with Di on password ideas and they all went away smiling. Computers are all installed at home already and only 2 families are awaiting the final stages of their UFB internet connections. They are delighted to be among the first to enjoy the new upgrade to 100GB plus unlimited free YouTube per month, all free for 12 months.

Hamilton Refugee Graduation March 2016 on PhotoPeach