Auckland Refugee Graduation - May 2016

During May the RYAN Centre in Mt Roskill, proudly hosted the graduation of 9 students following 30 hours of computer training that began in April.

The day was celebrated with families present and special guest speakers.  Dr Arif Saied warmly welcomed our in-house team - Dr. Elfadil Sabeil (trainer), Patrick Saw (translator and family liaison), Hameed Sharifi (technician) along with guests Susan Gamble (MOE) and Adel Salmanzadeh (MOE) and Celia Brandon (Red Cross).  Each of our team and guests shared warm congratulations, encouragement and reiterated helpful hints about the support available after the graduation.

Thanks went out to our wonderful team of translators who are present from beginning of training to the last dish washed after graduation.  There is something quite wonderful when you share something as a speaker,  that is translated via these wonderful team members.  You see faces smile and shine, you see the nodding of acknowledgement and you hear the sounds of approval.  Thank you again to the team of translators - your assistance is invaluable.

Congratulations again to our wonderful graduates and their families.

Guest speaker Susan Gamble 

Ready to head home with their graduation package.  Well done!