Palmerston North Refugee Graduates October 2017

Excitement and fun while learning how could you wish for anything more!

Freyberg High School, the local provider for the Refugee Connect programme in Palmerston North delivered yet another successful programme for our first group of Refugee Connect families  having newly settled in Palmerston North this year.  The group consisted of Palestinian, Afghan and Burmese families who committed wholeheartedly to the programme.

Many of the families expressed appreciation to Doug Strachan the trainer for the group as Doug is always finding innovative ways to help the families feel more confident using technology.

With a majority of the families children also attending the High School they have become familiar with the children's school surrounding which also helps with their integration into the community.

Also the support from the Ministry of Education representative Maureen Zaya,  Associate Principal Wendy Jochem, Palmerston North City Councillor Adrian Broad and of course our fantastic team of translators Deven Rai, Lamia Mahmoud and Muhammad Raza also Red Cross representative.

We look forward to assisting many more families in Palmerston North in the future.

Our team at Freyberg High School